Reading Specialist

Literacy Enhancement is the new name for the Reading class at BHS.  READ 180 is still the program used within the class, designed to assist kids in improving their comprehension and fluency.  The success has been phenomenal! The majority of kids have seen improvement in their reading levels, some as much as 3 grade levels in one year!  The program is designed to work with kids in large and small group settings on a daily basis.  It also offers the teacher a chance to work with students individually in a less intimidating environment.  District 877 has made a strong commitment to literacy over the past several years, and it has paid off.  Literacy Enhancement helps students find success in their content area classes, and in return, this aids in preparing kids for our State MCA tests as well.  The biggest payoff comes when, at some point during the course of the year, students ask, "Can't we just read all block?"


Kate West

Reading Teacher

Kate West