Teachers & Departments


Agriculture courses at BHS include a wide variety of topic areas including: Animal Science, Natural Resources, Companion Animal Science, Landscaping, Horse Science, FFA/Youth Leadership and Veterinary Science.


In art classes students will be given the opportunity to experiment with various art media, learn about artists and their philosophies and develop their own creative voice. Everyone can create art.


AVID is an approved elective course taken during the school day. Students are usually selected to enroll in an AVID class after an application process.  As students progress in AVID, their self-images improve, and they become academically successful leaders and role models for other students.

Business and Computer Technology

Computers and working in a business is in your future. Be prepared! A large number of students also end up majoring in a business field.


Dance in the Arts Magnet Program provides students with classes that embrace movement, creation, and performance.


Our English courses offer a variety of experiences with language including literature, speech, writing, media and production classes.

English Language Development

The program assists English Learners (ELs) in their various academic areas while also helping them to develop their English literacy skills.

Family Consumer Sciences (FCS)

Family Consumer Science classes teach research-based skills you will use now and throughout your life - skills for making the big decisions of life.

Health & Physical Education

Young people are our most valuable resources and their health, education and well-being is a very important responsibility of schools.

Library Learning Commons

We provide a variety of resources for reading and writing tools, research tools, and works cited/bibliographies, besides our great staff in the media center.


BHS offers many math courses throughout the year, including AP and CIS classes.


The music program at BHS is designed to promote the serious study of many different styles ofmusic to all interested students.

Reading Specialist

Literacy Enhancement is the new name for the Reading class at BHS.  READ 180 is still the program used within the class, designed to assist kids in improving their comprehension and fluency


Following in the footsteps of Newton, Pasteur, and Galileo Galilei, science course offerings are lab-oriented with a focus on hands-on problem solving.

Social Studies

Students in BHS Social Studies classes learn skills beyond the content of each course.  Our goal is to teach and prepare BHS students to be 21st Century global citizens.

Special Education

The special education department offers services in a variety of programs meeting the needs of a variety of students ages 14-21.

Technology Education

The Technology Education department at Buffalo High School wants to help its students explore as many job opportunities as possible throughout a student's high school career.  It is our intention to give every student at BHS the best possible education in technical fields.

World Languages

The language department at BHS proudly offers three world languages students can explore:French, German, and Spanish. Studying a new language opens the door to a wide variety of opportunities.