BHS Presented with Framed Picture

BHS Presented with Framed Picture from Maehling family
Friday Dec 18, 15
From the family of Robert and Althea Maehling

"Dedicated to Robert and Althea Maehling who sold this farmland upon which Buffalo High School was built."  Photo caption

"This picture hangs in memory of Robert and Althea Maehling. In 1944, Bob and Althea took over the operations of the family farm from Bob's father, Leo, who had purchased this land in the mid 1920's. They grew alfalfa, corn, and oats, which were used to feed their "Grade A" dairy herd and the hogs. They were also the first in the area to test the "new" rubber tires to replace the tractor's steel wheels. They loved everything about farming. Bob also served as a school board member so when they retired in 1992, it seemed fitting to sell the land to the school district to build this school which is located on cropland shown in the upper right corner of this picture."