BHM Introduces Campus Mobile Portal

Campus Mobile Portal App
Monday Mar 5, 12
Available on Apple iOS Devices and Android Smartphones

Go mobile. Anytime, anywhere access. Infinite Campus has gone mobile!  Once the app has been installed, parents and students can access grades, attendance and schedule information virtually anywhere.  It's a free app for BOTH an iOS platform, such as iPod Touch®, iPhone®, iPad®, and Android smartphone users!  You need an active Campus Portal account to access the data.  If you do not have an active account, please stop by the BHS front office with a valid photo ID, and we will set an account up for you.


How do I start using the app?

You need to get your six character access code from the Campus Portal. To do so, login to the Campus Portal through a browser and click on the App Store image. (Located under the Inbox) You will be brought to a new page with three steps outlining how to get your device connected to your Campus Portal. Your code will be listed as part of Step #2.

Visit iTunes or the Android Market to download your free app.

Click here to watch a short YouTube Video that introduces the Campus Mobile Portal.  Click here for more information about the Campus Mobile Portal, Requirements and FAQ.