Did you receive a Buffalo High School alumni postcard or email?

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Tuesday Mar 1, 16
A Request for Information

If you received a postcard or email from Principal Mark Mischke requesting you to call the toll free number or respond to an email to update your information as a BHS graduate, please help us confirm our records as we work to update our Buffalo High School directory. Our goal is to avoid publishing outdated information in effort to share important alumni news with you.

Background on the Directory
When Buffalo celebrated its Centennial year, a committee was formed from past BHS graduates and employees/members from Wright County Historical Society.  They created a directory from the first Class of 1895 through the Class of 1999. The group worked with Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company, Inc. to create the book. 

Harris Connect reached out to BHS, this school year, to update the directory to include the classes of 2000-2015. This is an independent project (organized by Harris Connect) and no proceeds from the book go to BHS. They are providing this data gathering service free of charge to the school and no information gathered by Harris Connect is sold or given out to any third party company. This is strictly voluntary, but could be helpful when planning school reunions or anyone wishing to connect with former classmates. Not everyone is on social media and this just provides another resource for alumni. Cost of a hard cover book is $89.99 + shipping/handling or $69.99 + shipping/handling for a soft cover book and can be reserved when you call the toll free number to update your information. BHS will have a copy or copies available once it is published and will be availalbe for BHS alumni as a resource.

If you did not receive an email or postcard or already "trashed" the information and would like to contact the alumni hotline to update your information, call: 1-800-438-4472 (Mon-Fri 7 a.m.-9 p.m. central standard time).

Thank you for your help with this project!