BHS Spring Testing 2019


As mentioned in last week's phone call to parents and guardians, spring testing at BHS will begin in early March. All BHS 11th graders will take the MCA, or Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment, Math test in the window of March 5th-8th. BHS students enrolled in Biology during semester 1 will take the MCA Science test in the window of March 12th-14th. On April 24th, all 10th grade students will take the MCA Reading test, while all 11th graders who choose to opt-in will take the ACT test. 9th grade and 12th grade students will not attend school on this day. BHS students enrolled in Biology during semester 2 will take the MCA Science test in the window of May 2nd-8th.

Whenever possible, please avoid scheduling out of school appointments for your student during the testing windows. Students can access free test prep resources at; click on Preparing for Testing and then Item Samplers.

Families of 11th graders should check your email for an important message regarding the Opt-In form for the ACT Test. The ACT Plus Writing Test is being offered, free of charge, to all of BHS juniors on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019. Juniors no longer need to complete this test for their State Graduation Requirement; however, we are strongly encouraging that all of our juniors take advantage of this free opportunity to take the ACT. Juniors who wish to opt in and take the ACT Test on April 24th will need to have a parent/guardian complete the opt in Google form, linked here. A response is required of all families.

Also included on the form is a parent permission checkbox that allows students to leave the building after completion of the ACT, around 1:00 PM on April 24th, 2019. Students who choose to stay at school or don't have permission to leave school will be provided lunch and an area to study for the remainder of the school day and then will be able to take school transportation home in the afternoon. Please complete the Google form by Friday, March 1st.

ACT pre-registration will take place at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, March 19th. If your student is opted-in to take the ACT, they must attend the pre-registration session at BHS.

More specific testing information for other grade level tests will be sent out as testing dates approach.

We encourage all families to relay to their student the importance of doing their best on these state tests. Please feel free to contact the BHS Main Office with questions at 763.682.8100.