BHS Sophomores to take PLAN Test

Monday Oct 8, 12
October 15 and 16, 2012

The PLAN test helps 10th graders with future academic and career planning. PLAN test has two main components.  A practice ACT test adjusted for 10th grade content with a predicative score for the ACT, and the second component is a career interest inventory. We use both pieces of information during registration with 10th graders.

Testing will take place on Monday, October 15 and Tuesday, October 16 beginning at 7:45 a.m. and ending at approximately 11 a.m.  On Monday, students with last names A-K will test, and then students with last names L-Z will test on Tuesday. 

For students, PLAN can:

  • Provide an estimated ACT Assessment Composite score
  •  Help focus test preparation to improve ACT scores
  • Stimulate thinking and planning for life after high school
  • Sssess status of academic preparation for postsecondary education
  • Support meaningful high school course selection for junior and senior years
  • Relate personal characteristics to educational and career options

PLAN Tests 4 areas just like the ACT

Achievement Tests




50 items

30 minutes


40 items

40 minutes


25 items

20 minutes


30 items

25 minutes

Academic & Career Sections will take approximately 3 ½ hours to complete testing will be done by 11:30 

For schools, PLAN can:

  • reinforce the need for strong academic preparation by students considering postsecondary education
  • provide a focus for more effective parent involvement in their student's plans
  • provide important feedback for planning and allocating guidance resources

provide data to be analyzed for department goals and Mapping