BHS Business and Computer Technology Teacher Recognized at L.E.E.A.

Brenda Diekman
Thursday Oct 30, 14
Mrs. Brenda Diekman

This event was an excellent opportunity to recognize outstanding educational leaders.  Each district is allowed to acknowledge up to four educators.  BHM faculty members that were honored at this event were Jeana Menzmer (BCMS), Sarah Samuelson (DES), Lauri Hayes (NES), and Brenda Diekman (BHS).  Each district is responsible for establishing its own selection procedures.  However, the following criteria was part of the selection process:

  • Full-time, licensed PK-12 classroom teachers, counselors, administrators and specialists
  • Serve as examples to inspire fellow colleagues, students and their communities through positive leadership and attitude toward the educational field
  • Thorough knowledge  of subject matter and leadership in curriculum development
  • Positive role model for students and staff
  • Exemplary instructor who recognizes students as individuals and motivates them to reach their maximum potential and who shows genuine respect and concern
  • Seeks to improve personal and instructional effectiveness through continuing education and staff development activities
  • Use of seniority, longevity, and random selection are not recommended as criteria

Mrs. Brenda Diekman not only meets the above criteria, she goes above and beyond and strives to better each student socially and academically.

Executive Director, Robert C. Cavanna states, "Thank you for all the work you do every day in encouraging students to be all they can be and to use their talents and skills to the fullest.  Congratulations and we salute you on a job well done!  All of us at Resource appreciate and applaud your commitment to excellence."  -Robert C. Cavanna, ED.D