BHS One-Act Play Ensemble

One-Act Members
Tuesday Feb 17, 15
State Champions

In early February, BHS One-Act Play members placed 1st at the Section Finals competition at STMA.  They moved on to the One-Act Play State Festival which will took place Thursday, February 12 and Friday, February 13 at the The O'Shaughnessy, St. Catherine University, St Paul, MN.  BHS represented 5AA and performed on Friday, February 13 at 11 a.m.   Buffalo (Class AA) leads all qualified schools by making its 17th festival appearance.

Congratulations to the Oce-Act Play Ensemble for a flawless performance at the State Festival.  They earned 'Starred Performances' from all three judges.  They are the State one-Act Champions!

BHS One-Act Play advisor and director, Tracy Hagstrom Durant stated the judges were very complimentary on their critique sheets.  One judge wrote "...Stopped writing - just want to experience the story - one of the very best one act plays I have ever experienced.  Thank you for taking me on this journey."  Another said, "Beautifully staged.  Literal tears in my eyes  Wonderful tribute."  Also, "I want to congratulate you all on the ambition and the commitment it takes to work for weeks on such an emotional script.  Very touching!"