BHS National Honor Society

Adopt A Highway
Monday Jan 7, 13
Adopt A Highway

October 27, 2012 marked the official start of our BHS National Honor Society's Adopt A Highway Program through Wright County.  NHS has adopted County Road 35 from the stoplight in front of BHS to its intersection with Highway 55.  To fulfill the requirements, the road must be cleaned by hand three times a year.  After five years, an Adopt A Highway sign will be put up recognizing our service.This has been a program that BHS has been interested in for some time, and now it is an offical program.  While NHS started the process, the hope and idea is that all staff/students/groups within BHS will become involved in caring for the cleaing up of the road. 

The Highway Department provides high visibility safety vests, trash bags, and safety training materials.  After the trash has been collected, the group notifies the Highway Department where the filled trash bags have been set so that they can then be picked up by Highway Department maintenance personnel.

Wright County recognizes the participants and community organizations with Adopt a Highway Signs after 5 years of continuous service and through local media coverage.  Also, the groups are presented with a Certificate of Appreciation.

For additional information on Adopt A Highway, please contact the Wright County Highway Permit Technician, Adam Backes, at 763.682.7706 or 1.800.362.3667 (ext. 7706).