The Arts Magnet teachers use artistic ways of knowing and learning to enrich their curriculum through individual and collaborative projects, artists in the classroom, and field trips .  The "Studio Habits of Mind" (Developing Craft, Engage and Persist, Envision, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch and Explore, and Understanding the Art World) are used by students to gain a deeper understanding of their subject matter. The course curriculum is "Arts Infused" so we call it "AI".

Arts Infused Core Courses

Core courses such as English, science and social studies, incorporate the use of the arts in the daily curriculum. Math is offered outside the program to better fit the needs of students.

Arts Concentrations

There are five art areas students can choose from as a part of the BHS Arts Magnet Program: Literary Arts, Media Arts/Graphics, Music, Theater and Visual Arts (fine art and applied arts).