Theater Arts Concentration

Program Philosophy

The Buffalo High School Theatre Program offers students a variety of opportunities to explore the world of drama. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive and intensive study of the theatre by focusing on the "process" rather than the "product." Graduates will have the necessary training and skills to continue their studies at any professional training program in the country while also preparing for success in college, in the arts or in any discipline. Students learn both acting and technical theater skills. They are also exposed to professional artists and companies and will be involved in directing/design projects at the end of each season.

Class Schedule

COURSES for the concentration

You must take these classes before you take any of the electives listed below.

  • Arts Infused Foundations (2 terms)

ELECTIVES - writing and literature

Take at least 2 (you may choose more). Some classes are prerequisites to the others. All classes require that students take ARTS Foundations first.

  • Creative Writing l - Playwriting (10-12)
  • Creative Writing l - Fiction (10-12)
  • Classic Drama as Literature (10-12)
  • Creative Writing ll (11-12)

ELECTIVES - acting

 Some classes are prerequisites to the others. All classes require that students take Arts Infused Foundations first.

  • Stage Acting I (9-12)
  • Stage Acting II (10-12)
  • Theater Production (11-12)
  • Stage Acting and Playwriting (10-12)


During their senior year students will complete one of more of the choices listed below.

  • Internship with a professional theater company or other appropriate theater company
  • Mentorship with theater professional, or
  • Leadership position in the BHS extracurricular theater program.

DEAR PARENT - It is our desire that students will be able to take all of the courses recommended for completing the concentration. However, the master schedule at BHS is driven by student enrollment through the registration process. On a rare occasion a course might not be offered because the enrollment is not sufficient to offer the course. If that occurs, the Arts Magnet administrator will meet with the student to explore the alternatives available to meet this requirement and provide a unique experience.