Media Arts

Media Arts Concentration

Program Philosophy


This major offers students a unique opportunity to integrate their learning with courses from several departments. Students will begin with a firm foundation in the visual arts; developing drawing skills and an understanding of the principles of design. Courses in animation, web design, graphic design, photography, video and visual communications will enable to student to gain experience in various media formats. Students at all levels will master their skills through projects that will incorporate practical applications.


The Buffalo Arts Magnet Program (BAMP) Media Arts Program teaches analysis, creation, and appreciation of media arts.  As students progress through the program, they will build upon their media arts knowledge to develop their personal voice within aesthetic, cultural, and historical contexts.  The students will leave the BAMP with a well-rounded knowledge base in diverse areas of media arts. 

The Media Arts Program ties together six focus concepts within each area:

  1. Appreciation
  2. Creation
  3. Analysis
  4. History
  5. Technology
  6. Career

Class Schedule

COURSES for the concentration

You must take these classes before you take any of the electives listed below.

9-12th grade

  • Arts Infused Foundations (2 terms)
  • Computer Applications 1
  • Art 1 (2 terms)


Take at least 4 (you may choose more). Some classes are prerequisites to the others. All classes require that students take ARTS Foundations, Art 1, and Word Processing first.

  • Computer Graphics 1 (9-12)
  • Computer Graphics 2 - prerequistie Compt. Graphics 1
  • Web 1: Design (10-12)
  • Web 2: Multimedia (10-12) - prerequisite Web 1: Design
  • Web 3: Applications (12) - prerequisite Web 2: Multimedia
  • Visual Tech (11-12)
  • Animation (11-12)
  • Students should also consider the Computer Aided Drafting course


You must choose at least 1 of these classes for at least 2 terms.

  • Yearbook - (11-12) 3 terms
  • Mass Media A and B - (11-12)  2 terms
  • Journalism - (11-12)  2 terms


Senior year, students will have the opportunity to intern at a business. Students will be able to apply the skills they have learned in class to a build their resumes and college applications. Time commitment is negotiable dependent of the internship and student's interest

Students must take at least 4 of the electives for this concentration and one of the suggested English classes for at least 2 terms. Keep in mind that Mass Media and Journalism are 2 terms, while Yearbook is 3 terms.  It is not required that students these courses in this exact order, however some courses are prerequisites to others (ex: Web Design is taken before Advanced Web Design.)

DEAR PARENT - It is our desire that students will be able to take all of the courses recommended for completing the concentration. However, the master schedule at BHS is driven by student enrollment through the registration process. On a rare occasion a course might not be offered because the enrollment is not sufficient to offer the course. If that occurs, the Arts Magnet administrator will meet with the student to explore the alternatives available to meet this requirement and provide a unique experience.