Fine Arts

Visual Arts Concentration

Fine Arts Program Philosophy

The fine arts program is designed to meet the needs of students who are preparing for the competitive world of art schools and other art related fields. Students should demonstrate an intense interest in creating art and openness and enthusiasm for learning about art and artists. This intensive program stresses drawing and a variety of two- and three-dimensional activities. In addition, students gain an understanding of current and historic artworks and ideas through special classes, artists in residence, and museum and gallery visits.

The Art Department at BHS believes the following:

  • Art is the language we use to communicate ideas and emotions.  We need to learn to use this language to read and enjoy other people's artwork and send out own messages.
  • Art is not reserved for the talented few. Everyone has the capability and with to be creative and produce art.
  • The art we create is a reflection of the world we live in, the people we know and our own values and beliefs.
  • The process of creating an artwork can be just as important as the product - sometimes it is more important.

In art classes students will be given the opportunity to experiment with various art media, learn about artists and philosophies and develop their own creative voice.  Everyone can create art.

Class Schedule

COURSES for the concentration

You must take these classes before you take any of the electives listed below.

9-12th grade

  • Arts Infused Foundations (2 terms)
  • Art 1 (2 terms)


Take at least 4 (you may choose more). Some classes are prerequisites to the others. All classes require that students take Arts Infused Foundations, and Art 1A & B first.

  • Drawing I (1 term)
  • Drawing II (2 terms) (prerequisite Drawing l)
  • Painting l (1 term)
  • Painting and Drawing 2 (2 terms) (prerequisite Painting or Drawing l)
  • Ceramics and Sculpture l (1 term)
  • Ceramics and Sculpture ll (2 terms) (prerequisite Ceramics and Sculpture 1)
  • Ceramics lll (prerequisite Ceramics and Sculpture 1 and ll)
  • Jewelry and Small Sculpture (1 term) (prerequisite Ceramics and Sculpture 1)
  • Students should also check courses in the Media Arts major (for example Graphic Design and Animation) and the Computer Aided Drafting courses.


During their senior year students will complete a series of artworks and produce a senior exhibit.  Students will also have the opportunity to work with professional artists in their area of interest.  Internships and mentorship experiences will be arranged as available.

Students must take at least 4 of the electives for this concentration. It is not required that students these courses in this exact order, however some courses are prerequisites to others (ex: Drawing l is taken before Drawing ll).