Dance Concentration

Program Philosophy

Beginning to advanced dance curriculum is offered in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap dance. Workshops in cultural dance, musical theater, composition and improvisation round out a student's course of technique study. Academic aspects of study include anatomy, nutrition, conditioning, dance history, and writing for the professional dancer. Students at all levels are offered the opportunity to work directly with professional artists.

The Dance Program is a place where students are free to explore, create, and perform the art of dance. Students will develop physically, intellectually, and imaginatively through their studies of dance technique, history, performance, and composition. Through these classes, students will gain a historical context, understanding, and deeper appreciation of dance as a form of art and entertainment.

Class Schedule

COURSES for the concentration

You must take these classes before you take any of the electives listed below.

9-11th grade

  • Arts Infused Foundations (2 terms)
  • Intro to dance


Some classes are prerequisites to the others. All classes require that students take ARTS Foundations and Intro to Dance first.

Grades: 9-12

Intro to Dance  -  1 term
Dance 1  -  1 term (pre-requisite: Intro to Dance)

Grades: 10-12

Dance II   -  1 term (pre-requisite: Dance 1)
Modern & Ballet Technique  - 1 term (pre-requisite Dance II)
Tap, Jazz & Musical Theater Technique - 1 term   (pre-requisite Dance II)

After School Activities:

Dance Performance Workshop: Dance Company

Grades 9-12

  • This after school activity is offered at 2 levels. There are required performances for both levels. Focus in these classes is on choreography and performance.


1. Apprentice Dance Company requires no audition and is open to anyone enrolled in a dance class, art magnet program, or has a teacher recommendation.

2. Advanced Dance Company requires an audition.

Pre-requisite: Intro to Dance, Dance I (either emphasis), or dance teacher approval.


During their senior year students will complete a study of choreography and produce a senior dance.  Students will also have the opportunity to work with professional artists in their area of interest.  Internships and mentorship experiences will be arranged as available.

DEAR PARENT - It is our desire that students will be able to take all of the courses recommended for completing the concentration. However, the master schedule at BHS is driven by student enrollment through the registration process. On a rare occasion a course might not be offered because the enrollment is not sufficient to offer the course. If that occurs, the Arts Magnet administrator will meet with the student to explore the alternatives available to meet this requirement and provide a unique experience.