Constitution (under construction)

This constitution is being updated. 

The Constitution of the Buffalo Senior High

Arts Magnet Student Advisory Council

Created February, 2007



Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be The Arts Magnet Student Advisory Council

Section 2: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be:

1.    To secure power for the  Arts Magnet student body through the Student Council;

2.    To promote the general welfare through broad representation of Buffalo students  by participating in originating beneficial projects;

3.    To act as a coordinating body for student activities;

4.    To cooperate with the faculty and act as a liaison between them and the student body.  




 Section 1: Members of the Student Council

1.    The eight members of the executive council are the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, school board representative, the    corresponding secretary and the advisor.

2.    In addition to the eight Executive Council members, there shall be four senior representatives, four junior representatives, four sophomore representatives, and four freshman representatives.

Section 2: Qualifications of the Student Council    

1.    There may be no limit to the number of terms (years) a member may serve.

2.    Each member must maintain a "C" average or above throughout the school year.

3.    Must abide by the MSHSL and District #877's current policies on chemical, alcohol, and tobacco.

a.    First violation will result in a two week/two event suspension from council activities and a one term probationary period on council.  Executive members in violation of District #877's chemical, alcohol, and tobacco policy will be removed from the executive council.

b.    Second violation will result in removal from council.



Duties and Powers

Section 1: Powers

1.    The Student Council's overall duties shall be:

a.    To forward to the administration, faculty, and the students proposals to be acted upon;

b.    To write laws and policy for student self-government;

c.    To aid in enforcing these laws and policies.

2.    General duties of the members of the Student Council shall be:

a.    To take final action on any motion introduced by members of the Student Council;

b.    To give careful consideration to proposals submitted by the student body and grant either approval or rejection of these proposals;

c.    To have the power of consultation with any necessary authority to put into action any passed resolution.


Section 2: Duties

The general duties of the Student Council shall be:

1.    To accept and fulfill all committee assignments;

2.    To attend all meetings of the "Student Council"; members may not miss more than two meetings

3.    To act in all ways in the best interest of the students and school.



Powers and Duties of Officers

Section 1: The President, a senior or junior shall:

1.    Preside at all the meetings of the Student Council and Executive Council;

2.    Direct the work of the Council;

3.    Vote in case of a tie in the Council;

4.    Appoint chairpersons and committee members throughout the year;

5.    Keep the point file system up;

6.    Call Executive Council meetings

Section 2: The Vice President shall:

1.    Preside at all the meetings of the Student Council or of the Executive Council when the president is absent or upon the request of the President;

2.    Carry all duties delegated to him/her by the President;

3.    Write and publish agendas weekly for all the full council meetings.  Three hole punch each agenda. 

4.    Compile a list of each member with their first hour teacher.  Please don't leave agendas in the front office for office aides to deliver.

5.    Place an agenda in the Principals and the Activity Director's PO.

Section 3: The Secretary shall:

1.    Be next in line of succession;

2.    Write, reproduce, and distribute a record of each Student Council meeting.  This must be signed by the advisor one day before the scheduled meeting.  Reports need to be run-off and three hole punched, prior to the meeting.

3.    Must make and post the term point board.

Section 4: The Treasurer shall:

1.    Keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures of the council;

2.    Submit monthly (3rd meeting of the month) statements of the financial account to the council.

3.    Post Student Council minutes at each grades locker bank.

Section 5: The Corresponding Secretary shall:

1.    Keep the Student Council folder up to date.

2.    Help the President record points for the point system.

3.    Collect all papers for absent members and place them in their stu-co P.O.s.

Section 6:  The Parliamentarian shall:

1.    Make an attendance grid and keep accurate records of attendance;

2.    Notify the President, Advisor and member when a member has two absences;

3.    Keep the Stu-Co photo book up to date;

4.    Present a Parliamentary Procedure Workshop  for members.

5.    Tell each member at the start of the term how many absences they have.

6.    Ensure that members missing meetings receive an agenda and are aware of responsibilities.

Section 7:  The School Board Rep.

1.    Attend all meetings - summer included;

2.    Compile a list of all meeting dates, times and locations from Sept.-May for distribution;

3.    Introduce all Stu-Co members who attend;

4.    Sign school board meeting forms for Stu-Co members;

5.    With the advisor compile a list of activities to be shared with the Board;

6.    Write, duplicate and distribute minutes from the meetings - three hole punch before handing out.




Section 1: Frequency and time of Election:

1.    Council members shall hold office for one year, the year to coincide with the school year.

2.    The election of the Executive officers shall be in the spring of the year.  A member running for President must have been an executive council member in their student council tenure.

3.    Nominations:           

a.    Each student wishing to file as a candidate for membership on the Student Council shall secure the names of twenty-five (25) student supporters from his/her class on the form of a petition, three (3) BHS teacher's signatures, and a short essay explaining their reasons for wanting to be on student council.

4.    Elections:

a.    Class Ballots shall be prepared listing alphabetically the names of the candidates.

b.    The seven people receiving the highest number of votes are the winners.

5.    Replacement:

a.    If a vacancy from the class occurs the eighth person shall be asked to  become a representative.

6.    Tie:

a.    The President, Chairperson of the elections, and the Advisor will meet before election results are announced and flop a coin to determine the winner of the tie for seven spots.

7.    The advisor may add two (2) members at large any time during the school year if needed.




Section 1: The Student Council

1.    The Student Council meetings will be called at the discretion of the Executive Council in a place and at the time designated by the advisor.

2.    The Order of Business at regular Student meetings will be:

a.    Call to order, roll call;

b.    Secretary's report, corrections and acceptance;

c.    Treasurer's report (second Monday of each month), corrections and acceptance;

d.    Advisor's report;

e.    Report of Standing Committees

f.     Report of Special Committees

g.    Old Business

h.    Business

i.      Announcements

j.      Adjournment

3.    Robert's Rules of Order shall be used as a basis for parliamentary procedure.




The finances of the Buffalo Senior High Student Council shall be directed by the Treasurer.  All expenditures shall be:

1.    Approved by the advisor;

2.    Signed by the advisor and the Principal (or his designated representative) and the treasurer.

3.    Recorded by the treasurer in the Council Financial Book.



Removal from Office

Section 1: Impeachment Proceedings

1.    All representatives and officers shall be subject to impeachment and removal from office.

2.    Grounds for impeachment shall be negligence and /or incompetence in office as specified in Article III, Section 2, and Article IV.  In case of expulsion from school, removal from office or membership shall be automatic.

3.    Initiation of impeachment proceedings:

a.    By a majority vote of the executive committee of the impeached; the impeached shall have no vote.


b.    In Student Council, a vote of 3/4 majority shall initiate impeachment  proceedings.

Section 2: Hearing Procedures

1.    Upon the initiation of the proceedings against a member, the Executive Council shall meet and of the impeached of on the Executive Council, the senior member of the commission is involved.

2.    After hearing the charges and the statement of defense by the accused or his chosen spokesman (a fellow student) the above panel described in Section 2, Paragraph 1, above, shall make a recommendation regarding the disposition of the case to the membership or the Council involved.

3.    A vote of 2/3 majority of the Student Council is necessary to override the recommendation of the Executive Council on regard to the status of the impeached member.

4.    In all cases the decision of the membership of the Student Council involved takes precedence over the recommendation of the Executive Council.

Section 3:

The recordings of the impeachment proceedings and the disposition of the case shall be recorded in the minutes of the Student Council.



Amendments, Ratification, and by-laws

Section 1: Amendments

The constitution may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the number voting in the student council.

Section 2: Ratification

This constitution shall be considered ratified or approved by a 2/3 majority vote  of the members of the Student Council voting.

Section 3: by-laws

By-laws may be added by a majority vote of the Student Council.