About Us, A Brief History

A Brief History


The BHS Arts Magnet program was launched in 2006 as part of the Northwest Suburban Integrated School District, 7 school districts committed to giving students choices for their educational experience.  We began with 90 ninth and tenth graders and have grown; we currently have 250 students, grades nine through twelve. 

The program is designed for motivated students who possess an interest in the areas of visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, media arts and applied arts. The curriculum is based on the belief that the arts teach essential skills for the 21st century.  The arts actively engage kids to think creatively, collaborate with peers and advisors, apply critical thinking skills and learn to communicate their ideas.  

We believe the arts cross cultural and socioeconomic boundaries and prepare students to become productive, responsible, and creative members of their community. With that belief we work as a team to create curriculum frameworks that focus on those skills.

We also work with students to make connections between academic disciplines and to experience real world applications and meaning.

Misssion Statement:  "Academic Excellence through Artistic Inquiry"

At the cornerstone of the Buffalo Arts Magnet High School is a belief that infusing the arts across the academic disciplines improves academic achievement, supports the growth of 21st century skills and prepares students for whatever career path they chose. The Arts Magnet teachers and students focus on learning and applying the five part process of Artistic Inquiry. That process includes questioning, research, proposals, art work and reflection.

Program Description

The curriculum centers around an inquiry based learning model. Students are asked to use inquiry based research to make connections between their content area classes and their art skills. We lead them to create their own questions through research and to use those questions as a basis for a proposed art project. The art project is one of their choice, guided by the question that they have created. Students can use this process to develop a new art skill or to hone up on a skill already being developed. Either way the finished product, along with a reflection from the student, allows students to learn to use their art to communicate to the world ideas which are important to them. 


  • To prepare students for a fulfilling and successful future in their career of choice.
  • To promote academic excellence and appreciation of the arts
  • To support students in reaching their potential
  • To extend career awareness and career opportunities for students in the program
  • To develop partnerships and intern opportunities for Arts Magnet students
  • To prepare students to become productive, responsible, and creative members of their community.


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Our creative, inquiry based learning environment includes partnerships and resources from the surrounding community. You will interact with professional, working artists and arts organizations to enrich and enlarge your learning experience.


The arts departments at BHS are known for their excellence. The music department is recongized as one of the best in the nation and was a major factor in the District's being named one of the Best 100 Communities for Music Education in America. The school's theatre department is known for their outstanding quality and recently have been noted in the Spotlight Awards; One-Act Play productions regularly win starred ratings at state competitions. Student artwork is regularly published in state and national journals, wins national awards and is exhibited in a variety of locations.

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Applied Arts

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