Phoenix Learning Center Wins $5,000 from Green Sneakers

Phoenix Green Sneakers Project
Wednesday Jun 8, 11

The Eco Challenge for Education drive, sponsored by Green Sneakers challenged Minnesota schools to collect as many used tennis shoes as we could in a three week period. These shoes will be reused by people in third-world countries who have a need, and will also be kept out of landfills-where they could potentially take from 50-1000 years to disintegrate.

Five other schools in the district, Buffalo Community Middle School, Discovery Elementary, Parkside Elementary, Tatanka Elementary and Northwinds Elementary, as well as Cub grocery store, helped Phoenix Learning Center (PLC) collect tennis shoes. PLC students helped by decorating collection boxes, distributing flyers to the community, dropping off collection boxes at the sites mentioned above, collecting the tennis shoes from the sites and bringing them to PLC, and finally weighing the tennis shoes.

PLC, with the help of the community, collected 340 pounds of tennis shoes.  Winners were calculated by taking the total number of pounds and dividing by the number of students enrolled in the school. About forty or more schools participated in this event.

1st PLACE $20,000: The Learning Edge, Apple Valley, with 66.19 lbs/student!
2nd PLACE $10,000: Beacon Preparatory School, Bloomington, with 14.04 lbs/student
3rd PLACE $5,000: Phoenix Learning Center, Buffalo, with 13.60 lbs/student

PLC is still determining how the $5,000 award will be spent.

PLC wishes to extend a big thank you to the participating schools and community residents who helped collect tennis shoes for those in need.

Photo: Front (left to right): Shannon J. and Amorae L. 2nd Row: Faith L. and Chase S. 3rd Row: Joy D. and Alison T. 4th Row: Green Sneakers National Director Matt Holmquist, Phoenix Learning Center Teacher Kathy Nelson and Green Sneakers Executive Director Doug Bartles