Summer 2009 Construction Projects

BCMS roof replacement
Friday Oct 2, 09

While most think schools are quiet over the summer since school is not in session, district buildings and grounds crews continue to make the buildings bustle with their cleaning routines and summer projects.

BHM Buildings and Grounds Director Eric Hamilton said it was a pretty smooth summer overall despite the loss of staff due to budget reductions.  "The remaining staff stepped up and did a great job getting the buildings ready for the first day of school," remarks Hamilton. "The buildings look fantastic!"

Hamilton went on to say that most of the summer work was routine.  "We didn't have much for major construction this year," Hamilton continues. "The middle school saw most of the work. The projects completed there are the 'wind down' to the construction funds allotted for deferred maintenance from the 2003 bond referendum."

Buffalo Community Middle School (BCMS) had about 70 percent of the roof replaced which included replacing wet insulation, thus requiring the installation of a new and better drainage system. To improve energy efficiency, the original, main entry doors of the school were replaced and lower panels of the front office windows were updated with an insulated panel and smaller window.

The surface of the track at BCMS was removed and replaced mid-September. The asphalt surface was repaired, and a new layer of asphalt was laid over the top in preparation for the new rubber surface. New microphones, speakers and amplifiers for the announcer's booth (on the home side of the football field) have also been installed. Other minor projects at BCMS included painting, pool repairs and the removal of the temporary building on the front, southeast corner of the property.  

Tennis courts at the Buffalo High School (BHS) were in need of repair because of 12 years of surface wear. The courts received a new overlay to erase the years of cracks and damage. A sidewalk was also added on the northwest end of the building. The sidewalk connects the activity center with the sidewalk leading to the handicap parking in front of the cafeteria/gym doors. With the use of insurance funds, cooling coils on the roof were replaced due to damage sustained in a hailstorm.  BHS also had lockers painted and a handicap door opener added to the north doors, near the performing arts center.  

Some of the stimulus funding that has been given to the districts from the state went to add a single handicap accessible bathroom in the special education area at Tatanka Elementary. Previously, students with special needs had to use facilities on the opposite end of the building that were not well equipped for their needs.

Other minor projects around the district included sidewalk additions and replacements at Discovery, Hanover, Montrose and Northwinds Elementary schools. Carpet and tile replacements were also done at Hanover and Montrose Elementary schools and Phoenix Learning Center.

(Photo provided by Heather Reinhart, Wright County Journal-Press)