Student Enrollment Holds Steady

Friday Oct 26, 12
Official October 1 Enrollment Numbers

The official October 1 enrollment for BHM Schools is 5,742 students. This is only an increase of about eight students from last year at this time. This year's enrollment number is very close to the projections made last fall for the 2012-13 school year of about 5,739 students.

Class sizes have also stayed relatively the same at each grade level. This year class sizes at the elementary level are at 24.28 students, the middle school is at 29.87 students and the high school is at 30.61 students. There are a few sections in the elementary schools (Hanover, Northwinds, Parkside and Tatanka) with 30 or more students in third, fourth and fifth grades. At the middle school there are many sections with 30 or more students, and the high school has English, science, social studies, math and world languages sections ranging from 37-46 students.  

See charts below for more detailed information.