School Board Election Results

School Board Election Results
Wednesday Nov 6, 13

All three candidates, Ken Ogden, Dean Perry and Jeff Trout were successful in winning a seat on the school board for the next four years. Here is how the votes came out...

 Buffalo PrecinctHanover PrecinctMontrose PrecinctAbsenteeTotal
Dean Perry120294012201
Ken Ogden123304014207
Jeff Trout107314912199
# of Voters149375514255

Meet the Candidates
There are three school board seats open for 2014 and three candidates running for election (*two candidates are incumbents). Below are the three candidates and a little information about each one.
Dean Perry
*Dean Perry
  • Buffalo resident
  • Six years in the district
  • North American State Bank President/CEO (Willmar, MN)
  • Three children in BHM Schools
I have a strong belief in the necessity of a quality education for all children and a quality school district is vitally important to the strength of our communities.
Ken Ogden
*Ken Ogden
  • Buffalo resident
  • 40 years in the district
  • Retired Insurance Center of Buffalo Manager
  • Three graduates from BHM
I think children in our community are vitally important. You measure a community by its schools, and I think our schools are excellent.
Jeff Trout
Jeff Trout
  • Montrose resident
  • 14 years in the district
  • Production Manager
  • Two children in BHM Schools
I want to help grow the relationship between the district and its residents, which is an integral part of serving as a representative on the board.