Summer Construction Projects

Parkside Construction
Monday Jun 24, 13

Parkside students started their summer at the end of the scool day on Friday, May 31, four days earlier than the rest of the district. That same day, crews began right after school to work on the indoor air quality project. They will need the entire summer to replace the existing air handling system. The new system will be more efficient and will allow each room to be individually controlled. It will also bring more fresh air into the building. The majority of the project is slated to be complete by August 29, just in time for the start of school, but finishing work will continue beyond that date. Parkside is the last building in the district to undergo this major replacement.

Buildings and Grounds Director Eric Hamilton says there are only a few other smaller maintenance projects happening around the district since the Parkside project will cost over $3 million to complete. The roof at the high school is over 15 years old and is in need of repair. A small section of the roof will be replaced this summer to help with leakage problems, and other sections will be replaced over the next few years. Hamilton also added that the scoreboard at the football field by the middle school will be replaced and relocated this July.  It will be moved from the east end to the west end for better viewing.