New Teachers Start the New School Year

2017-18 New Teachers
Tuesday Sep 5, 17

BHM Schools welcomes EVERYONE back to school! The year is off to a great start with first day enrollment numbers coming in higher than projected. There are new faces all over the district from administration, to staff, to new students to new teachers. Over the summer the district hired over 70 new employees which includes 35 new teachers (pictured here). They all participated in New Teacher Week the week of August 21-25. Please help us wecome them into their respective schools and into the district! Click on the thumbnail photo to enlarge the image.

(Pictured Left to Right)
Row 1:
  1. Samantha Nissen (TESS/DES)
  2. Melissa Lanning (NES)
  3. Lea Abrahamson (TESS)
  4. Jessica Solberg (DES)
  5. Lexi Athman (MESI)
  6. Maddie Loomis (BHS)
  7. Sherilyn Block (BHS)
  8. Andrea Koltes (BCMS)
  9. Tracy Lorenz (BHS)
Row 2:
  1. Rachel Watkins (BCMS)
  2. Hannah Eller (NES)
  3. Holly Winkelman (NES)
  4. Andrea Kjellberg (MES)
  5. Jessica Steeber (TESS)
  6. Katie Edson (TESS)
  7. Craig Lachowitzer (BHS)
  8. Jennifer Greenhagen (ECSE - Early Childhood Special Education)
  9. Kendall Langert (BCMS)
  10. Mike Combs (BHS)
  11. Jackie Stifter (BHS)
  12. Anna Eull (BHS)
  13. Jessika Cuhel (BHS)
Row 3:
  1. Cassie Johnson (MESI)
  2. Grant Renner (MESI)
  3. Joey Hartfiel (BCMS)
  4. Megan Blair (BCMS)
  5. Brenton Parsons (BHS)
  6. Kathi Opsahl (BHS)
  7. Lindsey Wester (BCMS)
  8. Ashley Lostetter (BHS)
  9. Nicholas Lostetter (BHS)
  10. Craig Schafer (MESI)
Not pictured:
  1. Hope Bauer (HES)
  2. Stacie Brand (NES)
  3. Ross Fishman (BCMS)


BCMS--Buffalo Community Middle School
BHS--Buffalo High School
DES--Discovery Elementary
HES--Hanover Elementary
MESI--Montrose Elementary School of Innovation
NES--Northwinds Elementary
PES--Parkside Elementary
TESS--Tatanka Elementary STEM School