New Teachers Around the District

New Teachers Around the District
Friday Sep 12, 14

The 2014-15 school year has kicked off and there are many new faces teaching around the district. Many of them replace those who have retired and those who have moved on to other opportunities. Maybe you have seen a few of these new faces...

Front Row (left to right):
Barbara Swenson--BCMS FACS Teacher; Karen Schultz--BCMS/BHS School Nurse; Danielle Collins--Northwinds Special Education Teacher; Deana Jagielo--BCMS Math Teacher; Elizabeth Muellerreile--BHS French Teacher; Christina Helmbrecht--BHS Special Education Assessment Teacher; Kate Volk--Montrose 4th Grade Teacher; Taylor Peterson--BCMS Math Teacher; Breanna Landrus--Hanover/Tatanka Social Worker; Jess Nickelsen--BHS Spanish Teacher; and Jamie-Sue Peterson--Discovery/Parkside/ECSE Social Worker.

Middle Row (left to right):
Kelly Munson--BCMS ASD/DCD Teacher; Becca Mathies--Northwinds World Culture Specialist; Gary Wirkus--BHS Agriculture Teacher; Katie Steege--Northwinds 4th Grade Teacher; Megan Scherer--BHS Physidcal Education/Health Teacher; Amy Sparks--BHS English Teacher; Marna McMurry--Parkside 5th Grade Quest Teacher; Danielle DesMarais--Montrose Title 1 Teacher; Megan Breyer--BCMS FACTS Teacher; Julie Neby--BCMS Physical Education Teacher; Danielle Iverson--BHS Special Education Teacher; Jana Kragerud--Northwinds Special Education Teacher; Suzie Fenno--Tatanka Title 1 Teacher; David Witeof--Montrose 3rd Grade Teacher; Olivia Hoff--Phoenix English/Social Studies Teacher; Bridget Hanson--Parkside Ttile 1 Teacher; and Jen Johnson--BHS Special Education Teacher.

Back Row (left to right):
David Holler--BCMS Counselor; Ben Broderick--Parkside 4th/5th Grade Teacher; Eric Kusch--Montrose Physical Education Teacher; and Chris Frederikson--BCMS Math Teacher.

Not Pictured
Jana Kragerud--Northwinds Special Education Teacher; Kim Robinson--Hanover 5th Grade Teacher; Melanie Brisk--BCMS Health; and Michelle Lunacek--Northwinds Speach Teacher.

2014 New Teachers