New School Year, New Teachers

2013-14 New Teachers
Wednesday Sep 4, 13

Along with the new school year, the district welcomes the new teachers for the 2013-14. These teachers replace those who have retired or moved from the district. 

Pictured from left to right, first row: Katie Edson (Parkside, Title 1), Wendy Nelson (Montrose, 5th Grade), Erin Myhrer (Parkside/Northwinds, ELL), Kari Lenzmeier (Hanover/Northwinds, Media Specialist), Jessica Landowski (Buffalo Community Middle School, 8th Grade Math), Shannon Doyle (Buffalo High School, Math), Jill Levin (BHS/Tatanka, Social Work), and Lacie Adelmann (Montrose/Tatanka, Special Education).

Second row: Amanda Reed (Northwoods, Special Education), Beverly Hommerding (Parkside, Special Education), Keegan Murphy (BCMS, Reading/English), Cyre Beaumont (Parkside, 2nd grade), Rachel Mertens (BHS/Monticello High School, Orchestra), Tracy Johnson (BHS, Science), Kim Winans (Tatanka, Title 1), Jen Funk (Montrose, 1st Grade), Carol Gilson (Northwinds, Special Education), and Michael Bloch (BHS, Math).

Back row: Nate Dolmer (BHS, 9th Grade English), James Didier (BHS, Chemistry), Chad Anderson (Montrose, Physical Education), Michael Curry (BHS, Social Studies), Jake Klingelhutz (BHS, Math), Jennifer Sheedy (BHS, Physical Science), Anita Trutwin (BHS, Special Education), Ben Harvey (BHS, Agriculture).    

2013-14 New Teachers

(Photo provided by Rob LaPlante, Wright County Journal-Press)