Calling BHM Residents

Community Phone Survey to Help Revise Strategic Plan
Tuesday Dec 3, 13
Community Phone Survey to Help Revise Strategic Plan

Over the next few weeks, residents in Buffalo, Hanover and Montrose may receive a phone call (on a landline or cell phone) regarding a BHM School District survey. The feedback from this random-sample, community phone survey will help the school board and district leaders revise the district-wide strategic plan. The district contracted with a Minneapolis-based research firm, The Morris Leatherman Company, to conduct the survey. It's a comprehensive community survey and participants can expect it to average 15-20 minutes in length. If you receive a call, please take the time to participate in the survey, as your input is very valuable to shaping the future of the district.  

This phone survey is just one piece of the revision process for the district's strategic plan.  Planning is a key responsibility of the school board and district leadership. The last comprehensive review of the district's plan was completed in 2008.  A strategic plan should reaffirm core elements of the existing plan every five to seven years in order to test the relevance of the plan. The revised plan will drive the district toward general outcomes that will focus on what direction to go and for what reasons. 

To revise the strategic plan the district has organized a Steering Committee and a community-based Core Planning Team. The Steering Committee is made up of representatives from the school board, district office, school site leadership, teachers and community who will lead the planning process.  The Steering Committee has met periodically since this past summer to complete a detailed examination of the existing plan and to make preparations for the best use of the Core Planning Team.

The Core Planning Team will develop a set of planning outcomes and a general course of action.  The team will be used to provide the voice of the community and develop insights into the future direction of the district. The team engaged 400 community members in structured conversations during the month of November and will share their findings with the Steering Committee in December. 

Additional research activities are also planned. Along with the community phone survey, feedback will be gathered from various staff groups and students (elementary through high school) through facilitated focus groups.  This input will help to identify any new priorities and reaffirm goals that already exist.

The strategic plan will be finalized by the Steering Committee and will be ready for review by the school board in the spring of 2014.