Brad Koltes Moves Up as the New Hanover Elementary Principal

Brad Koltes Photo
Tuesday Jun 27, 17

On Monday, June 26, the board approved the appointment of Brad Koltes as the new Hanover Elementary Principal. Koltes has been the Buffalo High School Assistant Principal since 2014. He will replace Jeff Olson who is retiring after 23 years of service to the district.

What made Koltes stand out above the other applicants is his dedication to BHM Schools and his dedication to students. He is a leader who will not give up on a student; he will work with all involved to help a student achieve success. Koltes is an individual who is highly focused on learning and continuous improvement for students.

Director of Teaching and Learning Pam Miller says Koltes is ready to lead his own school. "In the three years Koltes has been here in BHM Schools, he has shown he is a strong instructional leader, he is student focused and he's a team player," Miller explains. "He is student-centered and very energetic, which is what you need at an elementary school. He is very approachable and highly collaborative. We are fortunate to have him in this new leadership role within the district."

Koltes is excited about the opportunity to be the next principal at Hanover Elementary. "The responsibility to ensure that ALL students learn at high levels is something that motivates and drives my work," shares Koltes. "I am a caring, compassionate and collaborative person. I want what is best for all students, staff and families. The decisions that I make are based on what is best for kids. I also know that I don't have all the answers, and I believe I make the best decision with the help of others. As a father of four young children, I want to ensure they get the very best education possible and are prepared for whatever they want to achieve in the future. I know that parents want the very best for their children, and I want to help make this dream a reality for every child at Hanover Elementary."

Koltes prior experiences come from the Anoka-Hennepin School District where he served as a high school assistant principal intern from 2013-14; he was a middle school professional learning community coordinator and administrative intern from 2009-13; and he was a grades 6-7 social studies teacher from 2007-09. Koltes is a 2004 graduate from Saint John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota with a degree in social science and secondary education. He earned his masters in teaching and learning in 2007 and his K-12 principal license in 2012 from Saint Mary's University in Minneapolis.

Koltes will begin at Hanover Elementary on July 1, 2017.