BHM Teachers Katie Steege and Robin Nyquist Named TIES Exceptional Teachers

Katie Steege and Robin Nyquist
Thursday Dec 22, 16

Katie Steege and Robin Nyquist of Buffalo Hanover Montrose Schools were recognized as TIES Exceptional Teachers. They are among 77 teachers from 48 districts honored at the TIES 2016 Education Technology Conference on December 13 at the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency.

These individuals were chosen by their Superintendent Scott Thielman for the TIES Exceptional Teacher award, which recognizes teachers who use technology to positively impact student learning and model best practices in their classroom.

Katie Steege is in her third year as a teacher at Northwinds Elementary and has been an innovative from the start. She serves as one of our Tech Integration Coaches, which has been instrumental in getting technology devices into the classrooms, helping teachers with various apps/programs to integrate technology in their classrooms. This fall Katie initiative a project where students used IPads and scanned various QR codes to review rules, procedures and routines for her classroom. Katie's leadership and example has been pivotal in turning our learning culture into a Technology Learning Culture.

Robin Nyquist has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of the district's 6th grade STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) electives courses. Robin has also served as a leader in the refining of our building-wide BCMS Design Process of define the task, brainstorm, plan, create, improve and communicate the results. Robin's use of this process in her class has led to innovative, student-driven learning opportunities. An example of this would be using Ozobots to initially expose students to the world of coding and, also, to extend student learning by providing authentic opportunities to design their own computer programs.

School districts participating in the TIES Exceptional Teacher award program are partners of TIES. TIES, an expert in learning technology, provides training, education, and support for educators.