BHM Support Staff Honored

bhm support staff
Thursday Nov 15, 18

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On Wednesday, November 14, Resource Training & Solutions honored school district educational support staff, who are often considered the heart and soul of the educational system. Staff from Resource Training & Solutions' member districts were recognized, including four BHM Schools representatives (left to right): Brett Mackereth-Technology Senior Technician; Melissa Steward-Hanover Principal's Secretary; Dorothy Valentine-Montrose Elementary School of Innovation Custodian; and Todd Owens-Special Education Educational Support Professional.

These individuals have gone above and beyond their required duties. They work closely with district administration, teachers and parents to strengthen our schools and make them safe, clean, comfortable and caring environments where our children can learn. These individuals are positive role-models to all who know them and were honored at a banquet in St. Cloud for their work and dedication to BHM Schools.