Anderson and Murray Named TIES Exceptional Teachers

Friday Dec 10, 10

Paul Anderson, Buffalo High School Science Teacher and Tim Murray, Parkside Elementary 5th Grade Teacher were named TIES Exceptional Teachers for modeling best practices using technology in their classrooms and engaging students in learning. TIES is an education technolgoy consortium of 41 Minnesota school districts.

Paul Anderson's students use technology to engage in learning science and are doing so while collaborating with other districts.  He does so for science students at Buffalo High School and as a lead teacher in the District's Arts Magnet Program.  Anderson has championed technology integration and helped propel the district toward a school board adopted goal of using collaborative technologies to help students learn, grow, and engage in their learning.  He challenges students to take ownership of their own learning leads as he pushes his colleagues to reflect on their own instructional practices.  

Anderson also serves as a technological leader outside the walls of Buffalo High School. He has been a lead instructor at the "Best Prep Academy" training on the campus of St. Thomas University for several years .  He has been a great influence on students and staff and exemplifies a teacher leader in the area of technology integration.

Tim Murray has served as a technology integration leader for several years.  He is a resource to his staff, has been a tech champion, and trained teachers on how to effectively integrate technology to engage students in their learning.  Murray is willing to try new things and take on challenges, and does so with an inquisitive attitude.  He continuously works on growing as a professional and is extremely student centered.  He takes the initiative to lead informal staff development sessions in the area of technology, and proactively communicates hints, tips and tricks to teachers to support continuous growth and integration of technology into instruction.  Murray always looks for new ways to put technology in the hands of his students and is truly a technology leader for the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools.