2013-14 Budget Adopted

2013-14 Budget Adopted
Tuesday Jun 25, 13

The school district's budget represents the financial operating plan for the next school year. The final budget for the 2013-14 school year was approved by the board at their Monday, June 24 meeting.

The general fund budget shows revenues of $54,506,875 and total expenditures of $55,466,376. Kawlewski provided some highlights of the budget including the $78 per pupil increase in funding from the state and an increase in special education funding by 1.5%. It also includes updated contracts and allowances for unsettled contracts. It's estimated that the district will have a 13% fund balance by the end of the 2013-14 school year.

Kawlewski also noted that the district is showing a deficit in the budget due to several factors. Because the district is financially stable, the school board is intentionally spending down a portion of the fund balance (about $959,000) to address a few needs around the district. The board is committed to reducing class sizes and setting aside funds for buildings and grounds projects, technology and curriculum. Also, integration funding for the 2013-14 school year will only be funded by the state at 86%. The district has decided not to make any cuts for next school year, but will have to look at changes for future school years. Integration funding covers programs such as the high school's arts magnet program and the Tatanka Elementary STEM program.

Since the June 10, 2013 workshop presentation, Kawlewski noted there are a few changes to the budget. The Wright Choice Program will bring in $126,000 over two years ($76,000 this year), a teaching position was missed in the staffing projections (this is not a new position) and after further benefit cost review the total was adjusted down slightly (this number is constantly fluctuating).

There will also be a 10-cent increase to school meals. The district has to increase the amount in order to remain in the federal food program.

Kawlewski said that the district is in good financial position and that many districts would like to be where BHM Schools is at financially.