2011-12 School Year Off and Running

2011-12 First Year Teachers
Wednesday Sep 7, 11

The 2011-12 school year got off to a great start on Monday, September 6. The 10 schools around the district divided up more than 5,700 students who entered our school doors on the first day of school. Ready to greet them were the over 650 staff members who are dedicated to providing our students with the best education possible in the best learning environment possible.

Joining the staff this school year are 27 new teachers replacing those staff who retired or left the district to persue other opportunities.

2011-12 First Year Teachers

Front (left to right)
Deb Scherber, Discovery Kindergarten Teacher
Joanne Himrich, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
Elissa Henricks, .5FTE Northwinds 1st Grade Teacher
Jamie Collodora, .5FTE Montrose 2nd Grade Teacher
Christine Hirsch, Tatanka Title I Teacher
Ashley Kamphenkel, Buffalo Community Middle School Counselor
Julie Aandal, Northwinds Special Education SLD Teacher
Patty Landsberger, District Speech-Language Pathologist

Middle (left to right)
Tamara Gehling, Discovery and Parkside Special Education SLD Teacher
Kaitlin Zeiter, Parkside 1st Grade Teacher
Kari Stai, Buffalo High School Ag Teacher
Lacy Schramm, Buffalo High School Social Studies Teacher
Rachel Busch, Buffalo High School Physical Science Teacher
Dana Luc, Tatanka 1st Grade Teacher
Jamie Kendall, Buffalo High School Earth Science Teacher
Darcy Bodger, District Occupational Therapist
Pam Benson-Moberg, Parkside Title I Teacher

Back (left to right)
Aaron Johnson, Buffalo High School Physical Education/Health Teacher
Jeff Lindbloom, Discovery Physical Education Teacher
Peggy Zimmer, Buffalo High School Counselor
Neil Schlagel, Buffalo High School Work Experience/JAG Teacher
Rob Sohler, Buffalo Community Middle School Special Education EBD Teacher
Sammy Nelson, Montrose Special Education Assessment Team Teacher
Nicole Brennan, Tatanka Special Education EBD Teacher
Steve Bratulich, Parkside 5th Grade Teacher
Joe Pokorney, Buffalo High School English Teacher

Not Pictured
Stephanie Ogland, Northwinds 3rd Grade Teacher