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The district Insider newsletter is published five months out of the school year, September through June. It is mailed to all district residents and includes articles about issues and events hapening district-wide, the superintendent's column and a regular message from a school board member.

May/June 2017 Insider Cover
Thursday Sep 14, 17

Insider--May/June 2017 (PDF - 862.42 KB)

This issue of the Insider includes: district-wide retirements; construction project updates; Brilliant Bison--Kristi Wagner; BCMS Assistant Principal Katie Gohl; ECFE gardening class; Proud Of; superintendent's article--Year in Review; Quest graduates; graduation ceremonies; upcoming events; and more.

March/April Insider Cover
Thursday Sep 14, 17

Insider--March/April 2017 (PDF - 1.12 MB)

This issue of the Insider includes: Teacher Child Interaction Training; Solar Rewards Community program; Backpack Buddies; Brilliant Bison--Jason Halvorson; construction project update; upcoming events; Proud Of; superintendent's article--district-wide marketing efforts; new human resources director; and more.

January/February 2017 Insider Cover
Wednesday Mar 15, 17

Insider--January/February 2017 (PDF - 1.16 MB)

In this issue of the Insider includes: At the Heart of a Cause; superintendent's column--Legislation Impacts Classrooms; Brilliant Bison Terri Lachermeier; construction update; kindergarten registration nights; 2017-18 school district calendar; Proud Of; and more.

November/December 2016 Insider Cover
Wednesday Mar 15, 17

Insider--November/December 2016 (PDF - 984.26 KB)

This issue of the Insider includes: middle school special education mentorship program; superintendent's column--Celebrating 20 Years of Choice; construction update; Brilliant Bison--Karl Jaeger; kindergarten registration; farm to school; World's Best Workforce; and more.

Insider cover photo
Monday Oct 10, 16

Insider--September/October 2016 (PDF - 977.23 KB)

This issue of the Insider includes: Montrose and Northwinds named Reward Schools; Minnesota Transfer Curriculum; bond construction updates; Superintendent Thielman's artilce--Enrollment up, BHM named Top 150 Workplace, and new state and federatl requirements; New BHS Assistant Principal; Proud Of; Bob Sansevere appointed to the BHM School Board; new teachers for 2016-17; Outstanding Educational Support Staff Award; and more!