Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Making a difference by preparing all students for a successful future in a changing world.

Core Values

  • We foster an environment that develops and cares for the whole child.
  • All students can learn, though at different rates and in different ways.
  • We are dedicated to lifelong learning.
  • All learning requires innovation, risk-taking, and the commitment to continuous improvement.
  • All staff have a critical role in enhancing student development.
  • In all aspects of the district, we adhere to honesty, integrity, fairness, and ethics.

Key Expectations

  • Each student explores strengths and passions through varied educational opportunities.
  • Each student demonstrates academic growth and success.
  • Student learning and engagement are optimized through high-quality and innovative instructional strategies.
  • Everyone in our schools experiences a safe, comfortable, and caring environment.
  • The district operates efficiently and effectively.