Technology Services

The district technology department operates and oversees technology services hosted internally and externally.  The services span departments and buildings to provide for instructional, learning, and operational needs to support our mission and move toward our vision based on strategic goals.  Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools maintains a central data center to host internal services.  The data center is connected with a high-speed fiber network to all of the buildings.  Redundant Internet connections are used to create stability to outside service providers.  Approximately 95 servers are used internally.  Of those servers, 80% are running in a virtual environment, which has created significant cost savings for the district while improving availability.  A central support model is used to deploy and maintain end user hardware and equipment.  The team is focused on simplifying the end user experience while providing services necessary to support 21st century learning in the classroom. 

Information Services provides continuity of data across departments and sites for the purpose of operational effectiveness and efficiency.  Infinite Campus is used as our Student System and provides parent and student portals.  TIES provides our Human Resources and Financial software.  Novell Identity Management is used to manage data flow and Blackboard Connect aids in mass communication through phone and email notification.  Google Apps for education provides additional data and information storage and continuity.

To communicate, measure, and improve services the technology department created collaborative service level agreements (SLA) with stakeholders.  An overview and detail is provided on a SLA Site.

A Tech Help Site is maintained and training is provided to staff across the district on systems as they are implemented or updated.

Integration of technology is important to the district and two part-time integration specialists serve and lead professional growth oportunties for instructional staff.   The integration specialists maintain an Integration Web Site.  This effort is anchored through our school board adopted technology goals and an all-instructional staff professional development day titled "Bring Your Best".  BHM Teachers actively share their work with colleagues from within and outside our district and many are known across the state as leaders in their field and using technology effectively to support student learning.