Plans and Policies

Tuesday Dec 6, 16

BHM Technology Plan (PDF - 294.32 KB)

In the past, a Minnesota Department of Education approved technology Plan was required to be eligable for eRate and equity aid which funds a portion of our technology based connectivity and communication costs. This is no longer a requirement, but on this page you will find our current plan which extends through 2018.

Monday Aug 17, 09

Technology Responsible Use Policy (PDF - 52.44 KB)

The Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Public Schools Board of Education has adopted policy 524 titled "Internet Responsible Use and Safety" to ensure that our schools and educational setting remain safe, comfortable, and conducive to student learning.  All stakeholders who use technology within our district should be aware of the policy and are required to follow the guidelines. This policy is reviewed on an annual basis.

Tuesday Jun 5, 18

Technology Policy: Deactivation and Removal of Employee Network Account and Return of District-Issued Devices (PDF - 7.57 KB)

Please click the link below to access our policy for deactivation and removal of employee network accounts and return of district-issued devices.