Teacher Licensure


Teacher licensing is an individual teacher's responsibility, but as the District Continuing Education Committee, we want to assist you however we can, to simplify the process of license renewal.  The following links and documents, starting with "Frequently Asked Questions," should help explain the requirements and guide you through the procedures.  Please contact your committee representative if you need help. 

Continuing Education License Renewal

Links to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE):


CEU Building Contacts

Buffalo High School     Rebecca KarnaPeter Sommers
Buffalo Community Middle School  Stephanie GrafNatasha Leach
Natalie Polaschek
Amanda Hastings
Discovery ElementaryAnne Grams
Hanover ElementaryJeff Kyllonen
Montrose ElementaryKarmen Harnois
Northwinds Elementary Debi Volkenant
Parkside ElementaryChristy Eckenrode
Tatanka Elementary Patti McMullen
Administrative RepresentativeMichelle Robinson
Community ResidentLee Schultz

Wednesday Aug 4, 10

Categories for Credits (PDF - 69.92 KB)

A list of categories with explanations for possible continuing education credits.

Friday Jan 18, 19

Continuing Education Clock Hour Application Form (PDF - 141.36 KB)

Documentation form needed to apply for teacher licensing renewal credits.

Friday Dec 11, 15

District Guidelines (PDF - 210.46 KB)

BHM Continuing Education Licensure Guidelines for 2016-2020

Wednesday Aug 4, 10

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF - 112.45 KB)

Information necessary to apply for continuing education credits and to renew a teaching license.

Friday Jan 18, 19

Mandatory Requirements for Renewal (PDF - 191.36 KB)

Explanation of the mandatory check-offs needed for license renewal.

Wednesday Aug 4, 10

Online License Renewal Instructions (PDF - 69.42 KB)

Step-by-step instructions to renew your license online.

Wednesday Oct 31, 12

Reflection Requirement 2012 (PDF - 80.28 KB)

For those who renew a license on or after July 1, 2012, the following information should help you to understand how to meet this requirement.