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The Quest program services highly gifted students (top two to three percent in class) in grades 2-9 and is a tuition-free school within a school located at Parkside Elementary (grades 2-5), Buffalo Community Middle School (grades 6-8), and Buffalo High School (grade 9).

The program covers the core areas of English, mathematics, science and social studies within a full-time, elementary classroom for students in grades 2-5, and at the middle and high school level in grades 6-9. Students in the Quest program experience enriched and accelerated curriculum. Instructors in the Quest program receive specialized training for meeting the needs of highly gifted students.

Highly qualified students will have consistently achieved Measures of Academic Progress Growth (MAP) or other achievement test scores in the mid-90th percentiles on both math and reading tests, and in the mid-90th percentile on the CogAT test (Cognitive Abilities Test). Younger students may not have taken the MAP test.  The MAP assessment will be administered as part of the application process for students in first grade.  The CogAT will be administered to all applicants during February.  A committee of BHM staff, including teachers and administrators, will make final decisions about students who qualify. They will review a variety of sources of information including test scores, as well as input from teachers and parents. The target group of students is within the top two to three percent in their class. 

Students in grades 1-8 within the BHM School District will be given priority, but students from outside the school district are encouraged to apply. The request to assess and information are provided below.

If you think your child might qualify for the program, you are encouraged to request assessment.

Wednesday Sep 6, 17

Bright Student vs. Gifted Learner Comparison (PDF - 247.28 KB)

This checklist gives  a comparison of bright students versus gifted students.

How to talk to your child about the Quest program assessment.

Use this sheet to answer some of student's most commonly asked questions about the assessment for the Quest program.

Wednesday Sep 6, 17

Cognitive Abilities test (CogAT) FAQ (PDF - 161.82 KB)

The CogAT is administered to students and is used in addition to other criteria for determine placement.

Cognative Abilities Test (CogAT) Test Examples

Examples of the types of questions which will be asked when your child takes the Cognative Abilities Test (CogAT).  This is one part of the information gathered for determining placement in the Quest program.