Testing and Assessment

The Teaching & Learning Department provides support to the district for administration, analysis, and reporting of the following:

  • district-selected assessments
  • state-mandated assessments
  • curriculum-related assessments
  • program evaluation and schools/district special projects

Comprehensive reports for the District will be available on this page on a regular basis.  These reports present updated district/school demographic information, current year and longitudinal assessment results.

Our goal is to collect reliable, valid and meaningful information, to analyze, and to report in a timely fashion and in a clear and user-friendly form for administrators, teachers, students, parents and the community.

BHM Student Achievement Goals for 2016-17

Each year the School Board adopts goals designed to impact instruction and student achievement within the district.  All schools develop site plans that are based on these student achievement goals.  The following are the three district student achievement goals for 2016-17:

A.   District Proficiency

Demonstrate a 4% increase in the overall percentage of students meeting proficiency standards on the MCA in math, and demonstrate a 4% increase in the overall percentage of students meeting proficiency standards on the MCA in reading.

Although Minnesota was granted a federal waiver under NCLB, the target of every student reaching proficient levels remains.  The BHM district is striving for a 4% increase in the percent of students scoring at proficient levels as measured by the MCAs in both reading and math.  The 4% increase represents a meaningful difference for a district our size.

        MCA Student Proficiency



      Actual results 2015-16



      Target results 2016-17



B.  District Academic Growth

Demonstrate positive average z-score growth at grades 4-11 in both reading and math as measured by the MMR data which indicates students are making higher than anticipated growth.

C.   Achievement Gap Reduction

All Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) z-Scores for each student group will be reported as a negative number, therefore indicating BHM students in all student groups are making strides towards reducing the achievement gap.  These numbers will be reported through the Multiple Measures Rating (MMR) based on the MCA data in reading and math. 

The MMR ratings and subsequent AGR z-Scores reported in September 2016 indicate the BHM district is "partially on track" towards reducing the achievement gap.  However, not all subgroups registered a negative number.  Our goal is for each subgroup population to be demonstrating greater growth than other populations to close the Achievement Gap.

Thursday Dec 15, 16

2017 MCA-III, MTAS, and ACCESS Accountability Tests (PDF - 81.17 KB)

The Minnesota Department of Education, in July, released results from the 2016 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA-III) along with All Accountabillity tests including the MTAS and ACCESS tests. BHM Schools continue to score above the state average on All Accountability Tests in Reading, Math , and Science. To view detailed reports, go the the Minnesota Report Card on the MDE site and choose Test Results. All district accountability scores can be filtered and viewed on this site.

Thursday Dec 15, 16

BHM District Assessments 2017-2018 (PDF - 49.1 KB)

An updated one-page document with information on assessments administered district wide.

Friday Sep 23, 16

BHM Assessment Calendar 2017-2018 (PDF - 78.94 KB)

You can download a copy of the BHM Assessment Calendar below which includes all required district and state testing.