Social Studies


Great resources from a variey of sources.

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A variety of videos with a watch, think,dig deeper and discuss section.

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Newseum EDTools

Search hundreds of lesson plans, artifacts, case studies and more that bring the Newseum’s content and collection to you.

American Migration

Shows the migration of people to and from counties in the US.

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History Channel-This day in History

Includes a video report for the day and an archive of previous day's reports.

Minnesota Center for Social Studies Integration

Curriculum Guides are examples for educators to use to unpack benchmarks including concepts, skills, essential questions, and learning targets.

NWSID Multicultural Resource Center

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) provides educators with resources for creating culturally responsive learning environments. The MRC offers multicultural materials, curriculum, and professional development opportunities for educators.

Public Profiler Worldnames

Finds the locations and popularity of surnames


WCHS Trunk Program

The Wright County Historical Society has created an educational Trunk Program to help teachers in their classrooms.  Each trunk is filled with hands-on and learning materials designed to enhance curriculum components taught in our schools.