Math Chalkboard

31415 Places of Pi - Just like the names suggests, these are the first 31415 places of pi.  How many do you have memorized?

Brain Bashers a collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions. Thousands of puzzles and brain teasers, with something for every day, including games and optical illusions.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Kids Zone -  The United States CIA offers challenges in puzzles and games. - is a nonprofit organization and website that encourages people, particularly school students in the United States to learn computer science.

Chocolate Fix - Your goal is to add all the missing chocolate pieces to the chocolate tray

Kids Math/Logic games - Train your brain with these logic games. Learn the perfect tic tac toe strategy, conquer the Towers of Hanoi, solve a tricky 3D puzzle cube, find a solution to mastermind, try a game of virtual paper scissors rock and much more.

Get Riddles - Collections of riddles of different types and difficultlies.

Greg Tang Math - Math challenge games

Laser Maze - Laser Maze challenges you to skillfully direct a laster beam around a small 5 x 5 board in order to light up one or more targets. 

Mastermind- Work out the secret color sequence using just 10 moves, a black circle represents the right color in the wrong place while a white circle represents the right color in the right place.

Rush Hour - Object is to move the red car out the exit by moving as few squares as possible.

Set The object is to find a 'Set' in the 9 cards. A 'Set' is 3 cards in which each individual feature is either all the SAME on each card... OR all DIFFERENT on each card.