Program History

The timeline of how the Quest program has grown.

The Quest program has grown and evolved since it's inception in order to meet the needs of our gifted students in BHM.




When did the Quest program start?

One Grade 4-5 Classroom
Cohort of 6th graders who would have enriched/accelerated math, English, science and social studies.
Expand to include 7th grade
Expand to include 8th grade
Expand to include 2-3rd grade
Expand to include 9th grade
Elementary Program moved to Parkside Elementary

What graduating class was the first to have this experience? 
The first class to be in Quest program graduated in 2017.  However, the first graduating class with students who could have been in the program since 2nd grade won't graduate until 2023.

How many students were involved in the Quest program when it started? 
Approximately 50 in grades 4-5-6.

How many students are involved in the Quest program currently? 
Currently there are approximately 160 students in the program from grades 2-9.

Are we the only district that has a full time gifted program like Quest? 
In Minnesota there are about 13 full time school within a school modeled programs.  However, BHM is one of the few which offers a full time program from grades 2-9.  Many others are only part of the elementary school programs. 

At what age can students enroll in the Quest program? 
Students can apply in 1st grade for 2nd grade in the upcoming school year.