BCMS Enriched Course Application Material

The majority of students find the most benefit from the individual challenge teachers give for English and math. However, because of a strong passion for a subject, some students still want to go even deeper into the topics.  It is for this type of student that BCMS offers an enriched English and math class.

Those who are interested are asked to complete an explanation or show why they love the subject of English or math.  Students who will be most successful in these classes should be taking the initiative to complete this portion.

Students will be selected for the enriched courses based on a composite score that includes scores on the most recent administration of the MAP, MCA, and an application essay.  Your child will receive notice of his or her course placement by mail in mid April.

If you feel that your child is a fit for the Enriched English or math course at BCMS, complete and return the application essay to your English or math teacher by February 23.   Please contact Rob Nosbush, High Potential Services Coordinator at 763.682.8766 or rnosbush@bhmschools.org if you have any questions.