What is a SEAC?

A SEAC is an acronym (pronounced "seek") for Special Education Advisory Council, which is a group that provides input on special education issues to its local school district. Its purpose is to advise and advocate, not to decide policy.  Minnesota law requires each school district in the state to have a SEAC. Although it does not specify how the groups should be organized or what duties they should perform.  As a result, each SEAC may have unique mission and structure.

Meeting Dates/Times:

Meetings are typically held four times during the school year. Meetings are held in the Board Room located in Discovery Elementary from 8am-9am.

2018-2019 Schedule:

October 19th

December 11th

February 12th (located in DES Room 204)

April 9th

Statement of Purpose:

According to Minnesota Statue 125.24 school districts must have a special education advisory council that is incorporated into the district's special education system plan.  The purpose of the parent advisory council that is established through this statute is to:

  • Increase the involvement of parents of children with disabilities in district policymaking and decision making
  • Advise the district on policy and decisions affecting and/or related to special education
  • Recommend priorities to be addressed by the district in their annual and long term strategic plan.
  • Support the needs of students with disabilities regarding the special education budget at school committee meetings.

Why are SEACs Important?

Local SEACs advise school districts on the development of programs and services to meet special education needs of children and families.  By sharing their unique perspective of what it is like to use these services, parents can help the district to be more effective.  As a result, outcomes for children with disabilities should improve.


The Special Education Advisory Council shall consist of a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 36 persons.  Atleast half of the designated council members must be parents of students with a disability.  About one-fourth of the representatives will include students receiving special education services, individuals with a disability, or representatives of community agencies.  About one-fourth will be members of the staff of the school district.  Members must be atleast 16 years old and have a basic understanding of issues affecting individuals receiving special education services.

Why Might I Choose to Participate in SEAC?

Parents give many reasons for joining a SEAC, including these;

  • I may be able to help other families and children with disabilities in my school district
  • I can share what I have learned since my child began his/her education
  • I can support the school professionals in my district
  • I will be a good role model for my child
  • I will learn information and skills that may help me to work more effectively with my school district
  • I will become more knowledgeable about special education

SEAC Misson and Goals

  • Support, advocate and advise on special education matters.
  • To act as an advisory body to the district through the director of special education on behalf of students receiving special education services. SEAC will work toward the districts mission to instill in each learner a passion for learning and a commitment to reach one's potential throughout life.
  • We exist to advise the school district on matters relating to continuous program improvement efforts as they pertain to special education.  We provide communitywide support to families with students from birth to grade 12 in the school district's special education programs.
  • Provide input into the decision making process of the special education department. Provide a communication link with the community at large. Advocate for high-quality educational programs for all learners.  Assure the implementation of the district and special education mission to all student district
  • To advise the district on the education of children with disabilities. The essence of the council's purpose is to provide parents of children with disabilities input into the district regarding policies, practices, and issues related to the education of children and youth with disabilities.
  • Advise the director on special education-related issues and engage in atleast one substantial project each year to benefit students with disabilities.
  • The long term goal is to advocate for high quality programs and services necessary to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of all children with disabilities and their families. Each year the council also establishes a short-term goal.
  • To seek advice from parents on district practice and policy relating to special education and to involve parents in decision making.
  • To act as an advisory board to the district on behalf of students receiving special education services.  The purpose of the SEAC is to improve the educational opportunities for students with disabilities working as partners in a collaborative relationship.

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