Referral Process


Referral to special education may be made by a teacher, outside agency, parent, or other concerned adult. Parents may contact their child's teacher or principal for guidance in this process.  Intensive interventions are implemented prior to proceeding to assessment for special education.

A comprehensive assessment is completed by a multi-disciplinary team. Areas addressed include academic, social, emotional, behavioral, attention, motor, cognitive, and sensory. The multi-disciplinary team may include classroom teacher, parents, school psychologist, school social worker, special education teacher, related service personnel, and the building administrator.

If children qualify for services, a team is convened including the parent, to develop an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Services may be provided in the regular classroom, or special education resource room. Services may be provided through consultation with the classroom teacher or directly with licensed special education personnel.

If you suspect your child has a disability which affects their access to a free and appropriate education, contact your school psychologist or the Special Education Department at 763-682-8715. If your child is enrolled in home school or private school, please contact the Special Education Department.