Health Services

Goal of Health Services
Promoting student health for student success.

Guidelines for Illness
It is the goal of the health services program to keep students in school as much as possible to meet their educational needs. However, there are times when students need to stay home to prevent exposure and the spread of illness to others.

Here are some guidelines to help you determine if your child should stay home:

  • Temperature of 100 degrees or higher-- Students should not return to school until fever free (without medications) for 24 hours.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea-- Students should stay home until 24 hours after the last episode.
  • Chicken pox-- Students should not return until pox are dry and crusted. Please inform the health assistant if your child has chicken pox.
  • Head lice-- Students can return when lice and nits are adequately treated and removed. Please inform the health assistant if your child has head lice.
  • Pink eye (conjunctivitis)-- Students can return 24 hours after treatment has started. Please inform the health assistant if your child has pink eye.
  • Impetigo-- Students can return 24 hours after prescription treatment has started.
  • Strep throat-- Students can return to school after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment. Please inform the health assistant if your child has strep.

Students who become ill during the day should report to the health office. If needed, they will be sent home after contact is made with parents or guardians by the health assistant.

Care of minor injuries will be provided in the health office following Red Cross First Aid Guidelines. Parents will be called if the student needs further medical attention. For serious and life-threatening injuries 911 will be called. Parents will also be contacted.

It is extremely important for parents to keep the school updated on current phone numbers for emergency purposes.

All medications are administered under the supervision of the licensed school nurses. Students needing to take medication during school must observe the following procedures:

  1. Written authorization for the prescription medication is required from the physician.
  2. Written authorization from the parent is required for all medications.
  3. Medications must be sent to school in a current labeled prescription bottle or in the original over-the-counter container, Medications will not be accepted in any other containers.
  4. Over-the-counter medication dosages will not exceed the package recommendations.
  5. Medications will be given only after the required signatures have been received.
  6. All medications are given through the health office. Any exception to this (some emergency medications or inhalers) must be cleared through the district nurse. Secondary students who desire to carry over the counter pain medications must obtain approval from parents and the district nurse.
  7. All medications are provided by the family.
  8. No aspirin or aspirin products will be given unless prescribed by physician.

For the safety of all students, it is strongly encouraged that medications be delivered to the health office by the parent.


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