Health Services

The school health service team is composed of licensed school nurses (LSNs)  and health educational support paraprofessionals (ESPs). The three LSNs, two full time and one part time, are dual licensed by the Board of Nursing and Department of Education. Each school's health office is staffed by a Health ESP who receives certification in First Aid and CPR along with extensive health office training by the LSNs in specific health procedures and protocols.

Goal of Health Services

The goal of Health Services is to create and maintain a school environment that promotes and supports student health and well-being, empowering all learners to reach their academic potential.

Our team provides an array of services to meet this goal which includes:

  • Promoting a healthy and safe school environment.
  • Collaborating with parents, health care providers, and community partners.
  • Identifying health related barriers to learning.
  • Providing first aid and emergency care.
  • Assessing and treating illnesses and injuries.
  • Managing chronic health conditions.
  • Developing individual health plans for students with significant health concerns.
  • Implementing health related services on individual education plans, as requested by the special education team.
  • Reducing health related absences.
  • Monitoring immunization status.
  • Preventing the spread of communicable diseases.
  • Planning and implementing school health screenings.

It is extremely important for parents to keep the school updated on current phone numbers for emergency purposes. Parents and guardians can update this information on the Campus portal.

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Medications Guidelines

Prior to initial administration, all medications are reviewed by the licensed school nurses (LSN). Students needing to take medication during school have procedures to follow.

Illness and Injuries Guidelines

It is the goal of the health services program to keep students in school as much as possible to meet their educational needs. However, there are times when students need to stay home to prevent exposure and the spread of illness to others.

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Medical Forms

Access BHM Schools Medical Forms here.

Staff/Contact Us

Staff phone numbers and contact information for each school in the district.