Truth in Taxation

At the December 14, 2015 Board meeting, Board members approved the pay 2016 tax levy of $13,862,688.21. The levy total is $456,000 more or an increase of 3.4 percent (in total school property taxes) than the Pay 2015 levy. During the Truth in Taxation Presentation Director of Finance and Operations Gary Kawlewski said that taxpayers likely saw an increase in residential homestead valuations due to county assessments. Because the taxable market value for the district as a whole is up an estimated 5.2 percent, while the referendum market value is up 5.5 percent, most individual taxpayers will see some sort of increase in the school portion of their property taxes. The changes in the levy come in part from a greater local levy share due to increasing district-wide property values. The district also has access to two new revenue programs in Long-Term Facilities Maintenance revenue and the QComp (PPD-Professional Program Development) program. There are also some changes in the expenditures estimates for some current levy components.