Truth in Taxation

Truth in Taxation Presentation
Certify 2017 Payable 2018 Levy
At the December 11, 2017 Board meeting, Board members approved the 2017 Payable 2018 tax levy of $14,861,477.36. The levy total is $925,718 more or an increase of 6.64 percent (in total school property taxes) than the Pay 2017 levy. During the Truth in Taxation Presentation Director of Finance and Operations Gary Kawlewski said that taxpayers likely saw an increase in residential homestead valuations due to county assessments. The taxable market value for the district as a whole is up an estimated 5.07 percent while the referendum market value is up 6.74 percent. As a result, most individual taxpayers will see some form of increase in the school portion of their property taxes.
Many of the district’s levy categories have a levy and state aid component. The levy portion typically goes up as the valuation of the district goes up. The aid portion will go down in a corresponding fashion. A good portion of the levy increases this year is due to increases in the levy portion of those revenue categories (general fund, Community Education and debt service). There is also greater access to Long-Term Facilities Maintenance revenue which is fully implemented with this proposed levy. Kawlewski said that this is offset to a degree by the middle school tennis court lease coming off and the tax savings resulting from the OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) that were refunded in May 2017. The
2017 legislature created a higher state aid share for some of the equalized levies thus lowering the tax portion in those areas. There are some changes in expenditures estimates for some current levy components. Finally, as is the case every year, there are some prior year levy adjustments for some levy components that are based on actual expenditures.