School Administration Comparison Chart (Excludes OPEB Expenditures) 2017-2018

Expenditures for the school board, the office of the superintendent, and the administration of individual schools, including the cost of one licensed principal or a pro-rated amount if the principal is shared between sites.  

District Administration Comparison Chart (Excludes OPEB Expenditures) 2017-2018

Includes costs related to providing central office operations; i.e., services provided by the Business Office, Community Relations, Data Processing, Legal Services, Personnel, Negotiations, Printing, and Student Census.  

Regular Instruction Comparison Chart (Excludes OPEB Expenditures) 2017-2018

Expenditures for elementary and secondary classroom instruction including regular, vocational, and special education.  It also includes cocurricular and extra curricular activities.  It includes salaries and fringe benefits of teachers, classroom aides, and coaches and expenditures for class room supplies and textbooks.  

General Fund Expenditures Chart (Excludes OPEB Expenditures) 2017-2018

The General Fund is used to account for educational activities, district instructional and student support programs, expenditures for the superintendent, district administration, normal operations and maintenance, pupil transportation, capital expenditures, and legal school district expenditures not specifically designated to be accounted for in any other fund.  Does not include equipment, land or building purchases.

For additional information on school district information, please visit the Minnesota Department of Education's website. MDE's new data center is designed to provide parents, educators, school districts and citizens with easy access to test results, revenue and expenditure data, demographic information and other critical data.