Construction Projects Round a Final Corner

New Tatanka Elementary Entrance and Additions

On November 4, 2014 BHM District residents approved a $33 million bond referendum to address the issues of: safety and security; technology; deferred maintenance; building additions; and activity venues. Work began on the list of projects in early May 2015.  (Click on the left image to enlarge the exterior view of Tatanka Elementary STEM School and scroll down to see the photo albums of the various projects.)

2018 Construction–The end is in sight.

Overall, Mother Nature has certainly cooperated with the string of bond construction projects around the district. Projects have finished primarily on time and within the allocated budget for the project.

Below is a listing of the projects and their status:

Discovery Elementary

  • Refinish gym floor - completed summer 2015
  • Add 3 security cameras and system upgrades - completed summer 2015
  • Remove auditorium steps - completed summer 2016
  • New DES office and secure entrance - complete summer 2017
  • Expand parking lot - completed summer 2017
  • Partial roof replacement - completed summer 2017


Hanover Elementary

  • New office/secure entrance - completed summer 2015
  • Convert old office area into kindergarten classroom - completed summer 2015
  • HVAC modifications - completed summer 2015
  • Roof replacement - completed summer 2016
  • Tuck point exterior walls and openings - to be completed summer 2019


Montrose Elementary

  • Add 3 security cameras and system upgrades - completed summer 2015
  • Replace sidewalk - completed summer 2015
  • Replace cafeteria/gym floor - completed summer 2016
  • West-side window replacement - completed summer 2016


Northwinds Elementary

  • Replace intercom and bell system - completed summer 2015
  • Seal coat parking lot and paths - completed summer 2015


Parkside Elementary

  • New parking lot and asphalt work - completed summer 2015
  • Expand health office - completed summer 2017
  • Wall repair and partial roof replacement - completed summer 2017
  • Replace storage shed - completed summer 2018
  • Tuck point exterior walls and openings - to be completed summer 2019


Tatanka Elementary STEM School

  • Replace cafeteria/gym floors - completed winter 2016
  • New office/secure entrance - completed winter 2016
  • Four new kindergarten classrooms - completed winter 2016
  • New music room - completed winter 2016
  • New gym - completed winter 2016
  • Convert old office area into special education spaces - completed winter 2016
  • Convert small gym into STEM lab - completed winter 2016


Buffalo Community Middle School

  • Add power bleacher pullers- completed summer 2015
  • Replace over 500 lockers - completed summer 2015
  • Replace carpet--21,500 square feet (media center, halls, some classrooms and front offices) - completed summer 2015
  • Partial roof replacement - completed summer 2015
  • Add 5 security cameras and system upgrades - completed summer 2016
  • New hallway access for Six Northstar classrooms - completed summer 2016
  • Replace pool HVAC and water filtration systems - completed summer 2016
  • Pool family locker rooms and storage - completed summer 2016
  • Two health classrooms and new exterior pool entrance - completed summer 2016
  • Replace west parking lot - completed summer 2017
  • Tuck point exterior walls and openings - to be completed summer 2019


Buffalo High School

  • Add 6 security cameras and system upgrades - completed summer 2015
  • Replace intercom and bell system - completed summer 2015
  • Classroom renovations for special education - completed summer 2015
  • Athletic field additions and upgrades - completed summer 2015
  • Roof replacement (phase two) and masonry restoration - completed summer 2015 and summer 2016
  • North parking lot replaced - completed summer 2016
  • Additional gym space- completed winter 2016-17
  • Multi-purpose fine arts classroom and storage - completed winter 2016-17
  • Replace pneumatic controls of HVAC system with electronic controls - completed summer 2018


District-Wide Technology Projects - projects were completed during the summers of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

  • Increased wireless access points
  • Phone system upgraded
BHM Bond Projects Graphic
Thursday Jul 30, 15

BHM Bond Projects (PDF - 317.69 KB)

Review the list of projects that were passed as a part of the 2014 bond election. The projects listed are all slated to be completed within the next three years.

Discovery ECFE Playground (Tennis Court Removal)

The tennis courts located next to Discovery Elementary have been removed to make way for the Early Childhood Family Educaiton playground equipment, four kid-sized tennis courts and a basketball court. The playground and basketball court have been moved into this new area to make room for the parking lot addition that will happen in the spring/summer of 2017.

Discovery Elementary/Center Projects

A new Discovery Elementary office/entrance and an expanded parking lot will begin to take shape in the spring/summer of 2017. A couple of the projects have already been completed. The basketball courts and playground have been relocated to the old tennis court area to make room for the parking-lot expansion. The steps in front of the auditorium have been removed and in it's place is a shortened patio area (outside of the auditorium) with green space below (sidewalk level).

BCMS Carpet and Locker Replacement and Northstar Remodel

Crews replaced 21,500 square feet of carpet around the school (media center, hallways, some classrooms, front office areas, etc.). Over 500 lockers were replaced completing the locker replacement project that has spaned over the last few years. The Northstar area of the school was also remodeled to include a hallway with individual entrances to classrooms (previously students walked through classrooms to get to another classroom).

BCMS Pool Area Projects

Work began in May 2016 on the Buffalo Community Middle School pool project. The majority of the work was on the new ventilation system for the pool area. Other improvements included: new entrance for the public, two new family locker rooms, a family/handicap accissible bathroom, storage space and two new health classrooms. The first completion date was in mid-August 2016 to get swimmers into the pool, the rest of the project (projects outside of the pool area) was completed by November, 2016.

BHS New Gym and Performing Arts Classroom Space

By December 2, 2016, crews began digging up the ground to add a new multi-purpose fine arts classroom and storage space by the Performing Arts Center and new gym space on the north side of Buffalo High School. Both projects are expected to be completed by early June (before the end of the school year).


BHS Activity Fields

Construction began on the Buffalo High School (BHS) activity fields on Monday, August 3, 2015. Work extended into the winter months and was substantially completed by August 2016, in time for the fall sports season (football and soccer). Baseball fields, softball fields and the track and field will be ready for use in the spring of 2017 (newly planted grass). Read more...

BHS Roof Replacement Project

Almost 120,000 square feet of the Buffalo High School (BHS) roof was replaced in the summer of 2015 (roughly 2/3 of the roof replacement project). That area covered the north side of the building. Just over 55,000 square feet was completed in the summer of 2016. That area covers the academic side of the building or the south side. The north side was completed first because that is was the side with the most issues. Both projects are now complete.

Hanover Elementary Entrance and Kindergarten Classroom Addition

Construction of the new, more secure entrance at Hanover Elementary and the new kindergarten classroom (former office area) was primarily completed in time for the start of the 2015-16 school year.

Parkside Parking Lot and Sidewalk Replacement

During the summer of 2015, Parkside Elementary added a new 60-stall parking lot on the north side of the building to help with parking constraints around the school. They have also made some repairs to sections of the sidewalk (the sidewalk work is not part of the bond).