Wellness Coaching with Tiffany Klenken

Wellness Coaching
Tuesday Jan 8, 19

Register online or call Community Education at 763.682.8770.


Wellness Coaching

Coach Tiffany will empower and guide you to make positive lifestyle choices to enhance your overall well-being.  Pinpoint challenges or concerns you are facing and design a personalized action plan for the future. 30-minute sessions will be personalized, based on your needs. Depending on your goals and obstacles, areas of focus can include:

  • Self-sabotage and how to conquer this impulse
  • How to recognize your body's cravings
  • How to kick that sugar addiction
  • Exploring what to eat for individual body types
  • Improve sleep
  • Simple ways to reduce stress and anxiety or transform related disorders naturally
  • Release excess weight without torturing yourself
  • Balance your digestion so things flow smoothly again, with no digestive discomfort

Tiffany Klenken is a certified holistic health & lifestyle coach, and a Buffalo local.  She is passionate about teaching people simple ways to improve their health and ultimately their quality of life.

Tuesdays at Discovery Center in room EC-6

One-Time Sessions, 5:30-6 pm, $49 each
W1264A    January 8
W1264B    January 15
W1264C    January 22
W1264D    January 29
W1264E    February 5
W1264F    February 12
W1265A    February 19
W1265B    February 26
W1265C    March 5
W1265D    March 12
W1265E    March 19
W1265F    March 26

Six Sessions, 30-minutes each, $180
W1264G    January 8-February 12      6-6:30 pm
W1264H    January 8-February 12      6:30-7 pm
W1264I      January 8-February 12      7-7:30 pm
W1264J     January 8-February 12      7:30-8 pm
W1264K    January 8-February 12      8-8:30 pm

W1265G    February 19-March 26      6-6:30 pm
W1265H    February 19-March 26      6:30-7 pm
W1265I     February 19-March 26      7-7:30 pm
W1265J    February 19-March 26      7:30-8 pm
W1265K    February 19-March 26      8-8:30 pm